The gratitude ring movement was started to teach people that everyone has the ability to make a positive difference in the world. When we are able to take responsibility for our own thoughts and feelings, we are in a powerful position to bring about positivity and peace to ourselves, others and the world.

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    Upgrade you
    Learn to create a positive trigger and re-wire your own mind to focus on gratitude. “I am grateful for…” ring was created to help people learn to focus their mind, be more positive and create a positive difference for the future.
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    Powerful Transformations
    The power of sharing gratitude creates positive ripples throughout the world. Passing the grateful ring has literally saved lives, united people in marriage and reunited families. What positive difference will you make?
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    Make a Difference
    Create team cohesion and build positive energy. Download this free curriculum for your family, school or workplace.



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How it works

What is a trigger?
Have you ever heard a song and it took you back to a specific time in your past?  Have you ever smelled coconuts and it reminded you of the beach?  Your brain creates triggers from your senses that can bring back unconscious memories and feelings.  Science shows that with awareness and conscious effort, you can create your positive triggers to increase your immunity, boost positivity and help you to focus.  
How do I create a trigger? 
Research shows that we can create our own positive trigger by combining our thoughts and feelings with a visual/tactile reminder.  It is as simple as spinning your gratitude ring while you feel grateful.  As you continue to pair feelings of gratitude with the ring, your brain will release chemicals associated with gratitude when you wear your ring.  As you practice building your trigger, you will find that touching the ring helps you become present to the moment and discover what is beautiful in that very moment. 
Steps to a positive trigger:
Take the first ten minutes of your day to be in gratitude and combine it with spinning your gratitude ring. Wear your grateful ring throughout the day and whenever you notice something that you are grateful for spin your gratitude ring.  Within about 30 days, your brain will pair spinning your ring with feelings of gratitude and automatically release gratitude each time you touch the ring. Since your feelings are faster than your thoughts, when you touch the ring, you will feel grateful and then your brain will look for reasons to prove you are right.

Powerful times to train your brain
Science shows that the two most powerful times for your mind to be receptive is when you first wake up and right before you go to bed.   In the morning, whatever you are thinking and feeling when you wake up is what your brain will look for the rest of the day to prove you right. If you wake up cranky, you will look for reasons to be cranky. If you wake up happy, your brain will look for reasons throughout the day for why you are you happy.  It can be compared to the Google of your brain.  If you don’t change the search characteristics, it will keep searching for evidence of your last search. It is important to remember, that you have control over what your brain will look for throughout the day through conscious effort.   The last ten minutes of our day are also quite powerful. Whatever you are thinking/feeling before bed, you will spend the next several hours working on while you rest.  If you are watching something that angers you before bed, your body will continue to process that anger while you sleep.  Knowing that gratitude is one of the most healing chemicals for our bodies, take ten minutes before bed being in gratitude while also spinning the ring.


Powerful Tranformations

Powerful Transformations

The grateful ring has had a powerful impact when it has been shared.  The grateful ring has helped boost self-esteem and increase emotional intelligence in middle school and students, utilized to help juvenile probationees, been a powerful force in cancer support groups, used in commitment/marriage cermonies, brought old friends back togehter, commerated a loved ones passing, brought work teams together and helped heal many hearts.   Read more here...