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"I am grateful for..." ring was created by Jenny Craig, LCSW, BCD to help people learn to focus their mind, be more positive and create a positive difference for the future.

This high quality stainless steel spinner ring features two surfaces that are able to move independent of each other. This is a great tool for increasing positive thinking and increasing a feeling of wellbeing. 

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Power Tips

  1. 1*20 seconds after thinking a thought about being grateful, your brain and body will be flooded with the chemicals associated with gratefulness which helps to increase immunity, decrease feelings of depression/anxiety, lower blood pressure and much more.  Read all of the benefits of gratitude here.

  2. 2*Combining the action of spinning the ring with your grateful thoughts will help you become more aware and wire neurological pathways faster.

  3. 3*The more you Keep it Moving™ on your hand, the increased benefits you will have.  As you become aware of the power of gratitude, Keep it Moving™ by sharing the ring heart to heart with someone you are grateful for in your life.

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   *Grateful for our Heroes campaign has been created to send grateful rings to the heroes in our lives.  For every $10.00 donated, a grateful ring will be sent to the heroes making a difference in our world.  We are currently sending rings to:

*Teachers (each teacher gifted a ring will also be gifted with part of the Grateful Ring curriculum to teach gratitude in their classroom)

*Military heroes (soldiers overseas and veteranshttp://gratefulring.com/Grateful_ring/Curriculum_2.htmlshapeimage_4_link_0


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Your teen will learn all of these tools in more in the new book, “Live your power - tools to battle your inner bully”.  

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Jam-packed with tested step by step exercises and techniques used by psychologists to teach top athletes, executives and entrepreneur,  this EASY TO FOLLOW guide shares the:

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Insider’s secrets to living a life a joy and much more.

Other tools to help increase inner joy

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I am grateful for...™ WRISTBAND

The wristband that is changing the world one thought at a time. With over 4000 negative thoughts changed and counting, we encourage you to use the I am grateful for... wristband to change a negative thought into a positive.  After you have changed a thought, we encourage you to pass the wristband onto someone else to help change the world one thought at time! 

Read the steps to using your I am grateful for... wristband

Change negative thoughts in your school or organization





"Thank-you for creating this exceptional book to help children (and adults) learn that everybody has an inner brilliance and beauty that needs to be uncovered and shared with the world. With so many messages teaching otherwise, I am Brilliant’s refreshing and enlightening message belongs in every child’s library."

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Dr. Gene Landrum is a businessman turned educator, author and motivational speaker. Gene was the first president and creative force behind the Chuck E. Cheese family entertainment chain. He has made over 1000 talks on the psychology behind behavior and is currently publishing his 19th book.


Savannah helps her friends discover that beauty and brilliance comes from inside and has nothing to do with size, wrinkles, or a hairstyle. Written by child therapist Jennifer Craig, LCSW, BCD to combat the unrealistic and unhealthy messages about beauty, this enlightening and insightful book is a true gift to give to everyone you love.  See more...

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