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As the Juvenile Civil Citation Program Coordinator we utilized the Grateful Ring program curriculum that was offered for our first time offenders- practical tools for real life success.  This proactive character education program helped our first time offenders build character, develop leadership and offered ways to creative a positive community.  After the six one hour sessions, the Civil Citation kids reported the skills were so important that they could not understand why they were not already taught in traditional education.  After the program, they reported a better understanding of managing their emotions and thoughts and were quite enthusiastic how they were going to change their lives in the future.   One offender was able to connect with his parents and share a plan that he created to living out a new vision within his life.  Another one of the offenders not only learned the power of meditation but began to teach his family and friends the power of meditation.  The teens reported learning skills and tools to manage anger, guilt and social pressures to conform that will help them to forgive themselves, make better choices to ensure not reoffending and understand how the brain works to form a vision, foundation and be a role model for good.  Even myself as a 28 year Law Enforcement Officer attended the program and learned new skills to live a better life.  As we know, all behaviors begin with the thoughts we form each day.  Teaching our Civil Citation kids how to take control of their thoughts and emotions is one of the most important solutions to building a better community.  

Thanks so much for your consideration and hope we will partner in the near future so we can give kids a better life and be crime free.


Cpl. Patti Holt

Juvenile Civil Citation Coordinator

Teaching kids how to be grateful for parents


Fundraisers set up to fund donations to the BC Children’s Hospital, to fund school district.  BC Children’s Hospital and Sunny Hill Health Centre for Children, agencies of the Provincial Health Services Authority, provide expert care for the province’s most seriously ill or injured children, including newborns and adolescents. Based in Vancouver, BC Children’s and Sunny Hill reach across the province with vital health services that may not be available anywhere else in B.C. We provide specialized training in pediatric health care and work with renowned researchers to achieve better health for children and youth. As academic health centers, BC Children's and Sunny Hill are affiliated with the University of British Columbia, Simon Fraser University, Child and Family Research Institute, and other education and research institutions. Want to set up your fundraiser?  Contact us today to learn how to raise awareness and make a difference!

Saving lives

You can make a bigger difference than you know... Bonnie Kanner, CEO of Shooting Star Entertainment, sent into the project, “I was mentoring a 16 year old girl.  I sat her down one day and shared all the reasons why I am grateful for her and gave her an I am grateful for™ ring.  I explained to her how each time she spun it I wanted her to remember that she had made a difference in my life and that of so many others.  I asked her to spin the ring each morning and each evening focusing on all that she was grateful for and explained it will rewire her mind to focus on the positive.  Two weeks later, she shared with me that she had been planning on committing suicide.  When I gave her the ring, it was that one shred of decency, kindness and compassion that helped her to have hope and find faith again.  She stated, each time she spun the ring, she found a renewed zest for life and peace in her heart.  Words cannot describe the power of this experience for me and her....How will you make a difference today?     

Some of the testimonials from the I AM B.E.A.U.T.Y. camp 

The grateful ring experience was very enriching for me. I learned how to be grateful for things that occur on a daily basis. For example, I was grateful for waking up every morning, which I didn’t acknowledge on a daily basis before the ring. The ring also pushed me to appreciate things that may be little but can still be big in the end. I also learned how to take some time to think about myself, because I had to take 20 minutes to sit in silence every day. I was grateful for many things over the two weeks I had with the ring. I was grateful for my mother because she has always supported me in everything I do. My mother is determined and persistent and I want to be like her when I get older. I was also grateful for my grandfather because before his passing he always looked out for me. He was my father figure, when I needed him to be and my friend when I needed him. He proved to me that I was beautiful at a young age. Lastly, I was grateful for being healthy all of my life.  I believe if you are healthy you will live longer. If you live longer you have a better chance to pace your mark on the world. I will pass the ring on to my mother because she has always been the number one person I am grateful for. Not only is she my inspiration, she is my role model in every sense of the word.  - Ayanna, 15,  Summer 2014

My grateful ring experience was indescribable. To wake up every morning, sit still and just focus on why I am grateful and what does it mean to be grateful was really great. I Am B.E.A.U.T.Y. Boot Camp helped me start a new daily routine for myself. Sometimes I forget what I am grateful for. What I learned throughout this experience is to continue to be grateful for every moment in my life. I need to be more grateful for the good, bad, happy and sad moments. There shouldn’t be a dull moment in my life where gratitude isn’t expressed or shown. Some of the things I am grateful for is my Savior that died on the cross for me. I can’t express any more gratitude about that. It’s an indescribable feeling when you think about someone who died for your sins. Another thing I am grateful for is my life. Through my life I’ve had rough patches. High mountains and valleys came daily that I needed to go through; nonetheless I am grateful. I wouldn’t be where I am in my life if it wasn’t for those crooked roads and dark nights or even the happy days. Every moment for me is unforgettable being that I had an age expiration date for my life. Lastly, I am truly grateful for my parents. Without my parents I truly don’t know where I would be, what I would be doing if I didn’t have their support, encouragement and love. My parents are my life and I appreciate them daily. My ring will be passed to my mentor Shakeema North. I want to pass my ring to her because she entered into my life at a difficult time for me. I was going through a lot at the time and she came in my life, lifted me up, encouraged me and never left my side. She may be far by distance but I can always pick up the phone and call her. I am truly grateful for a youth pastor/mentor that loves me, appreciates me, guides me, lets my light shine and is dependable. I don’t know if I would be doing half of the things I am doing as far as church is concerned if I didn’t meet and build a relationship her.- Bri-Sha , 18, Summer 2014 

My grateful ring experience was different. It was good because I usually don't think about the things I’m grateful for. It really made me think about the great things in life. For example my family, things to help me survive, my best friend and etc. I have realized that there is so many things to be grateful for and how good my life is.  - Imani , Summer 2014 

My grateful ring taught me to think more about what I am grateful for. I don’t usually sit and think about it so for the first few nights it was kind of hard. With the grateful ring I realized that I am grateful for so many things. Something I am grateful for is my family because even though we fight they love me no matter what. I am also grateful for my friends because they are always on my side and if I have a problem they are there to help me out.  I am very grateful for my education. Education is something to be grateful for because not everyone in the world can get it. The grateful ring made me realize that I am very grateful that I have a roof over my head. Not everyone has a home. I don’t usually think about how lucky I am. I give my mom and my step dad a hard time sometimes but this ring helped me see that they try to give me everything I want and they give me everything I need. I am going to give my grateful ring to my mom because even though we fight I appreciate everything she does for me, and I hope this ring can help us have a closer relationship.  - Jade, 13, Summer 2014 

This grateful ring has taught me how to be thankful for the things I already have. The ring has also taught me how to be thankful for the little things to. For example, food, water, doctors, flowers, paper, pens/pencils. One thing I’ve learned while having the grateful ring is that people don’t take enough time to think about how grateful they should be for everything they have. Some people don’t have as much as others do.  This grateful ring has also taught me that anyone can make time every day to be grateful for something and all they have to do is just make a list of about five things per day and create a log. The best part about doing that activity is that it doesn’t take too much time. When you make it a priority to say or write down what you’re grateful for, you’ll automatically do it in your head and after a while it’ll become a great habit. For example, when I wrote family on my list I never realized or thought about how much I really appreciated them. I mean I knew I loved them but because of how many times I kept writing “Family” on my list the more I realized that they were the ones who always mattered and they will always be there for me.  Kylie,  12, Summer 2014 Read more at I AM Beauty Grateful Ring Project

A sample of the feed back from Week One Key West Montessori Middle School:

I didn’t realize how much people really cared for me until I started the Grateful Ring Project.   As a teenager, I can admit that sometimes I have an attitude and don’t always see eye to eye with my mom.  Since I have started to focus on gratitude, it is like a light bulb has gone off in my head getting me to pay attention to all the love my mom gives me every day that I did not pay attention to.  My mother gets up at 5:00 am every single morning to make my brother and I breakfast and so much more.  Our household would basically fall apart without my mom.  I definitely want her to know I really do take into consideration now all that she does and that I love her.  Key West Montessori School

I am most grateful for my family which will always love me.  I don’t mean just my relatives, I mean everyone ... to me everyone is family.  Sometimes you might think that I don’t act like it but I am now grateful for everyone and everything
Key West Montessori School

The Grateful Ring program has helped me focus on how important everything is in my life.   For example, I am grateful for electricity as it is something that we all rely on and is an every day essential.  It helps with so many things that I enjoy like my computer.  It is also important for so many important things in my life like cooking food, having lights, using my car and much more.  I am grateful to pay attention to so much I never realized I have in my life.

Key West Montessori School

I am grateful for music.  I honestly don’t know what I would do without it.  Music is where I shut the outside world off and allow myself to go within to be with who I really am. I am grateful to discover all the ways it really helps me like: When I am mad, I blast my music and the anger goes away.

SO excited that 400 Principia high performers are using the grateful ring to stay accountable, stay focused and be grateful to achieve their goals passed on by Global Grateful Ring ambassador Julie JenningsI love my grateful ring! I am a working mother, so it is very easy not to appreciate day to day small miracles.

After receiving the I am grateful for...™ ring as a gift, I began to wear it as my wedding ring.  Each day I spin my ring and think of everything I am grateful for that my wife has brought into my life.  As life has its ups and downs, I find the ring brings me back to what really matters and that is the love shared not only in my marriage, but with my children, friends and the world around me.  In gratitude, Douglas Jones

Spinning the grateful ring has helped has helped me become more aware of my many blessings. As I approach my 20th wedding anniversary, I have decided to make it my wedding ring as well! There are no greater blessings in my life than those that have come from my marriage to my beautiful wife and four remarkable boys. So, spinning the grateful ring has become a constant activity. I have also become a very creative spinner as well.

-Erik Kerr

I had to share with you how the I am grateful for...™ ring has changed my life.  After I received the ring, I allowed myself to begin to recognize not only the beauty around me, but the beauty within me.  As suggested to me by the brilliant woman who gave me the ring, I began to focus on all the things that I felt were beautiful about me, what I was smart at and the difference I made in the world.   As I began to focus on the qualities within me that truly mattered, I realized the powerful gift I can now pass on as a mom, woman and entrepreneur. One such example is with my my 12 year old daughter Erin.  She is 7th grader blessed in academics but struggling in self determination and discipline. After getting a call that Erin was being transferred out of her gifted classes, I called my friend Jenny in hysterics.  Having been an elementary school teacher for 12 years, I explained how pivotal this moment was for Erin’s growth both academically, socially and emotionally. And Jenny said, “Miranda before she leaves the house each morning, have her say this....

I am brilliant. I am beautiful and I make a difference every day because I do my very best!:

At first Erin rolled her eyes and didn't want to do it, but she did. After the first week.... she sent an email to ALL of her friends and family (even to me... the mean mother, one that made her say it each morning)... and here is a copy of that email (spelling errors and all)

Subject line: Morning Chat (It really works)Hey say this every morning when you get up. It will make a difference in your day



If you do this in the morning you will make a difference because you do your best and you have to believe it when you say it.

Send to all your friends.

When I received this from her..... It was that moment.....I had that big sigh of relief, my body relaxed as a silent tear ran down my cheek......She is going to be okay. Not that we won't have other challenges down the road, but this was a WIN!  So my grateful moment was knowing that my daughter, who now feels felt different, was doing different each day. Now she comes to me, and says this each and every morning without rolling her eyes! WINNING! My daughter Erin is still saying her chant each morning before going off to school. Now she is wearing the grateful ring too! She says “Mommy it is making a difference”, and what mom wouldn't want to hear that from their child. I then spin my ring and say how grateful I am for my beautiful, smart daughter. 
Feeling good giving to others
These rings will eventually find good homes with many friends.  For many years I have been a very socially active person.  My husband & I have travelled extensively & have been very active in his business, our church and our town.  I personally have taught Sunday school, played tennis, been , an avid shopper and part of the lunch bunch!  My husband is now a semi-invalid and all of the above activities are far in the past.  I still stay in touch with all of these women and actually we entertain often at home.  I think the “I Am Grateful ring will mean so much to each one and will mean more for me to give them.

Miranda Larson

Reconnecting best friends

I’m 50 and there is a group of 7 of us who have been friends since jr. high school (used to be 8 but we lost 1 of us to breast cancer).  We were all either drill team (Southern Belles) or cheerleaders.  6 of them continued on to high school but I moved & didn’t get to continue with that adventure.  I kept in touch for a few years, then lost touch. Well, I have one of those odd memories that allows me to remember every phone number I’ve ever known apparently.  So, a few years ago I started calling all of their phone numbers from jr. high (yes, I still remembered all of them)!  Low & behold some of their parents still lived in the same house – thank GOD for small miracles and the love of a good old-fashioned neighborhood.  One of their parents put me in touch with one of the girls, who gave me another number and so on.  That summer we all talked and I suggested a slumber party to reconnect as that was where the fun was when we were kids!!!!!!!  They all said the same thing as I was talking to each one – we have been talking about doing that for years!  The very next January we had our 1st annual Hood Jr. High reunion slumber party and have been doing it every year since!I’m buying each of us 7 remaining girls a ring as a gift for our annual reunion slumber party this Feb., just waiting to find out their ring size from them.  They will not be surprised about a ring as I had to ask about the size but the ring itself will be marvelous!   Thanks so much for providing the perfect gift for our group!Friends from 1973 – 2011.  I’m including a picture of us (1975-then & 2009-our 1st reunion) so you can see!

In gratitude, Rebecca Thomas and John B. Hood Jr. High

Feeling good giving to others These rings will eventually find good homes with many friends. For many years I have been a very socially active person. My husband & I have travelled extensively & have been very active in his business, our church and our town. I personally have taught Sunday school, played tennis, been a Red Hatter, an avid shopper and part of the lunch bunch! My husband is now a semi-invalid and all of the above activities are far in the past. I still stay in touch with all of these women and actually we entertain often at home. I think the I Am Grateful for... ring will mean so much to each one and will mean more for me to give them. Gratefully,Thelda Flanery


A global movement to connect and collaborate

CFO of Impact Leadership 21 passes a gratitude ring onto Dr. Rami Mani. Dr. Rama Mani is an internationally reputed scholar and practitioner of peace and security. She is a Councillor of the World Future Council, and Senior Research Associate at the Centre for International Studies at the University of Oxford. Dr. Mani was the Executive Director of the International Centre for Ethnic Studies, Sri Lanka. She was formerly the Director of the 'Global Peace and Security’ Course, and is now an Associated Fellow at the Geneva Centre for Security Policy. She was awarded the Peter Becker Peace Prize by the University of Marburg in 2013 for the combined impact of her work as a scholar and practitioner.

Andre and Alia got engaged with the grateful ring and have been passing gratitude on around the world...

Scot Ferrell, nationally recognized best-selling author, speaker, Modern Family Rulz radio & media expert shares the grateful ring.

Global Gratitude Ring Ambassador Constance Peak passes the Grateful Ring to CEO Deborah Goldstein

So delighted that International Supermodel and all around rock star Clarissa Burt is wearing and loving her Grateful Ring in Rome, Italy.

Ron Klein, Senior Olympian, Inventor of the Magnetic Credit Card Strip-Validity

Checking System, Developer of MLS, Voice Response and the Bond Quotation for NYSE

SO excited that 400 Principia high performers are using the grateful ring to stay accountable, stay focused and be grateful to achieve their goals passed on by Global Grateful Ring ambassador Julie Jennings

I love my grateful ring! I am a working mother, so it is very easy not to appreciate day to day small miracles.   

I think people in Japan are honest, nice, and keen on working.  So, we tend not to give thankfulness to ourselves, so I will share about the concept of your ring to the people around me!


Best regards,

Megumi Naito Tokyo, Japan